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Looking for Adiala Road Property dealers? You are at Right Place BW Real Estate helps you to fulfill your desire about houses, flats, portions, shops, shopping malls bying selling and on rented as well. There was a time when Adyala Road Rawalpindi was a less-developed area with one or two societies in the surroundings. Now the time has really changed and the things have really transformed. It is termed as one of the most affordable and economical places to construct your own home in Rawalpindi.

Adyala road is full of life now and more than 20 housing projects are here now with huge population, almost same number of societies are under process here. Schools, Hospitals, Markets, Public Transport & all needs of life are available on Adyala road.

Adiala or Adyala is a town of Rawalpindi District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Adiala road is  located near Rawalpindi Kacheri 1 km away from Rawalpndi Kacheri. The Central Jail Rawalpindi, also known as Adiala Jail, is located about 4 km away from the Town.

Adiala is the one of the locations where pre-historic artifacts of the Soanian era (ca. 500,000 to 125,000 BP) have been discovered. People belonging to all caste live in Adiala village i.e. Raja, Jatt, Awan, Sayyed, Janjua, Gujjar, Ghauri, Malik, Chowdhry etc. Here and in Khasala about 16 km (9.9 mi) from Rawalpindi, on the bend of the River Soan, hundreds of edged pebble tools were discovered. At Chauntra hand axes and cleavers were found.

Different projects have been made over here . Many great projects were launched back in 90’s. Some fraud has been held there but in a least amount.

Sale and purchases of plots & houses are in a large amount . From back 5 years Adiala road becomes a top most trending area in Rawalpindi . More than 10,000 people moved over here . There is some issue of water but government has given water supply scheme to the people.

Some of the safe and approved projects are below:



Remunerations given to the government employees are not commensurate with the services they perform. Their counterparts in the private sector get much better pay packages. Apart from the respect attached to the government service in our society, the only consolation used to be a handsome pension and G.P Fund with which they could buy a house on superannuation. The current inflationary trend in the property prices has eroded that expectation and thus there is need to put in place a compensatory social security network for the employees with this objective in view. The Government of the Punjab has launched a scheme of providing houses/plots to all Government Servants from BS-1 to BS-22 at the time of their retirement. The scheme is on the analogy of the defense forces housing schemes where the officers pay the development and construction cost, and the land is provided free of cost by the Government.

Punjab Government Servants Housing Foundation (PGSHF) was established as a corporate body under the Punjab Government Servants Housing Foundation Act, 2004, promulgated on 10.03.2004, to introduce a scheme for providing houses or plots on no profit no loss basis to Government Servants on their retirement or to their families in case of death during service. The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors headed by the Chief Secretary, Punjab including 7 ex-officio members. The Managing Director is the Chief Executive of the Foundation.


Based on the preferences of the members, 11 districts/stations have been approved by the Board where the housing colonies will be built. These stations are:

(1) Bahawalpur

(2) Dera Ghazi Khan

(3) Faisalabad

(4) Gujranwala

(5) Lahore

(6) Multan

(7) Rawalpindi

(8) Sahiwal

(9) Sargodha

(10) Sialkot

(11) Khanewal


The Houses or plots are allocated in favour of the members or their families in case of death during service in a transparent manner as per entitlement seniority. The entitlement seniority is determined on the basis of the date of retirement or death (during service) or superannuation and priority of station/district indicated in his option of stations for each category of all members.

Category of Member                               Type of House/Plot

(BS 1 – 7)                                                      5-Marla (Type ‘D’)

(BS 8 – 15)                                                    7-Marla (Type ‘C’)

(BS 16 – 18)                                                 10-Marla (Type ‘B’)

(BS 19 – 20)                                                 1-Kanal (Type ‘A’)

(BS 21– 22)                                                  1-Kanal (Type ‘A-I’)


The Foundation shall maintain a scheme for one year after its completion. Further mainetance of the scheme will lie with the society, subject to general supervision by the Foundation.


Gulshanabad is neighborhood of Rawalpindi, (Punjab, Pakistan).

Approved socity by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority.

The suburb is situated on Adyala Road of Rawalpindi, Adyala Road leads to the infamous Adyala Jail. The colony was settled in the 90’s and has a central market along with a central green area park and a Central Mosque (jam’ia masjid).

Gulshan Abad Rawalpindi is situated in the center of Adiala Road and Morgah Road, other close by road is National Town Road. Gulshan Abad Rawalpindi is a properly planned and managed scheme having all the amenities for its residents. All developments whether internal or in surroundings are state of the art and include Play Ground, Khan Fort, Tmc Pak, Agile Solution, Unicom Television Cable Franchise, National Colony Cricket Ground, all these mentioned features adds to the persuasion of this Housing Scheme which some people cannot resist. Other facilities for its residents are Treated Water, Wide Roads, Commercial Areas, Food centers, Shopping Plazas and Jamia Mosque. The streets and blocks are properly built internal roads are also in good shape and green belts are also been well taken care of in the whole Gulshan Abad Rawalpindi, which adds more to the beauty of this Housing Scheme to attract people towards it. Living in Gulshan Abad is a pleasure and complete peace of mind for its current and future residents.

Map of gulshanabad is catogrized into some sectors sector 1,2,3,4.


Many housing schemes are developed in the beautiful city of Rawalpindi while some of them provide the best and quality lifestyle in its true sense. Snober City Rawalpindi is among those residential places which provide the standardized and quality existence to the people. Entirely based on new and modern ideas, while with state of the art planning, this project has become a centre of attention to start living ideally.

Well constructed houses and residential plots are part of this project which proposes a desirable living. Investment options are also bright here as the land price is becoming high day by day. Ideally located on the Adiala Road, Rawalpindi and surrounded by numerous facilities and features this project is the result of new urbanized thoughts of the developing group. One will find all the essential facilities and striking features under the name of Snober city which provides a fully serviced, safe and luxurious environment to people.

This venture offers everything one needs to live a pleasant and comfortable lifestyle. It appeals to a large number of people because of its combination of outclassing facilities and convenient payment plan. High level and standardized living have introduced in this project where people can lead a significant and exclusive sort of living. A search of one’s dream home ends after visiting this place which is ideal to start living amazingly.

Adyala Road Project plan

The best residential project offers a variety of property in which ready-made homes or plots are included. The project offers 5 Marla, 6 Marla and 8.5 Marla residential plots and houses. 4-bed houses have attached bathrooms, TV Lounge, New styled kitchen and parking area. All the plots and houses have a wide front while equipped with every basic facility and feature. A rapid solution is available for those who want to have an instant residential solution or want to build a home of one’s settled vision.

Located on a very hot and prime location of Rawalpindi this project offers one of the best localities of this city. It is situated on Adiala Road Rawalpindi which is among the most important and main roads of this city. It is closely located near Telephone interchange Rawalpindi whereas it is easily accessible from all parts of the city because of its link to several main roads and places.

Many essential spots like schools, colleges, transportation centres and commercial centres are in a close proximity to this society. A tremendous living experience is available to people on this prime location of Rawalpindi.

This project is among the best-organized housing societies intend to facilitate people with every feature and facility during their living at this place. The payment plan of this project is very easy and attractive for those who want to level up their living standards while remaining within the easy payments. The project has a very low payment plan thus the property can be booked only on cash payments. Investment is also very profitable in this place which assures the best return as the demand and value of this land is becoming high day by day. The payment plan is as follows:


Now let’s discuss who has established this top class and renowned residential project. This outstanding project is developed by The Falcon Real Estate and Builders which is a very well reputed name in the real estate sector. This project is developed on modern standards and trends while the main concern is to provide excellent, quality and comfortable experience. Their unique approach in this project offers the best lifestyle in every way thus very conveniently.

Features and Facilities

This project is packed with numerous features and facilities which are essential to lead a contented and comfortable lifestyle. You will live in a place you wish for as this place is outstandingly developed to provide the best living experience in every way. Here is the detail of everything you need to know about this place.

Wide Roads

The best infrastructure is developed in this project according to the international level. Roads are extensive while neatness and smoothness are the other qualities which make walking and driving very enjoyable and convenient on them. Walking, jogging and driving tracks are different while all are constructed in the best way equally.

Educational and Health Facilities

There is going to be a central hospital where the doctors will be available for all the people. This hospital will have all the facilities which will enable every resident to choose this central hospital.

There are many famous schools which are really close to the residence. There is a plan of affiliating and developing a new school in society as well.

Safety and Security

There is a CCTV camera which is placed on all the important places. These are operated by the trained staff. The best part is that there are guards which also revolve in the society and keep a check. No stranger is allowed to enter society without permission.

Parks and Playgrounds

There is a park with lush green ambience and these parks are open to families and children. There are jogging tracks in the parks for facilitating the people who like to maintain their physique. A separate playground is also available where children can play freely in their leisure time.

Adyala Road Commercial Area

There are shops and grocery stores in every sector. This makes this location the best and this makes it convenient for all the residents to manage their lives more easily.

Central Mosque

At the centre of the society, there is a central Mosque. This Mosque is developed specially for facilitating Muslim Community and for showing unity in every sect of Islam.

Gated Community

You are more than welcome to join and be a part of this gated community. This society shows that there is a room of development and urbanization in every sector of Pakistan and every class of our community is considered while planning development.


So what are you waiting for after letting know all these things about this place? This place is one of the best residential places to start living ideally and remarkably. The best combination of esteemed location, enormous facilities, striking features and comforts are available to you in the form of Snober City Rawalpindi. Do not miss a chance and avail this opportunity as soon as possible!


TNT is located at Adiala road DAHGAL . A well known socity approved by RDA .

10 marla plot & 1 kanal plot cutting plots are there.

ASKARI 13 Rawalpindi

ASKARI 14 Rawalpindi


Mubarak lane is located at first while entering Adiala road opposite shel pump. Plots at Mubarak lane are of different size.


Dhaman moor is a very well known area at Adiala road .  It is famous of its name because it  was populated since 90’s very rushy area . Very plots are remaining at Dhaman Moor . Plots at Dhaman moor are of different size.


Ali town is a very well known area at Adiala road .  It is famous of its name because it  was populated since 90’s very rushy area . Very plots are remaining at Ali town . Plots at Ali town are of different size.


Munawar Colony  is a very well known area at Adiala road .Plots at Munawar Colony  are of different size.


Hill View Avenue is a very well known area at Adiala road .Plots at Hill View Avenue are of different size


Dhok Rajgan is a very well known area at Adiala road .Plots at Dhok Rajgan  are of different size.


Janjua town is a very well known area at Adiala road .Plots at Janjua town are of different size. Approved socity by Rawalpindi devlopment authority RDA.


Kehkashan town is a very well known area at Adiala road .Plots at Kehkashan town are of different size.


Rah-e-Sukoon is a very well known area at Adiala road .Plots at Rah-e-Sukoon are of different size.


Landco town is a very well known area at Adiala road .Plots at Landco town are of different size.


Dhamyal kalya is a very well known area at Adiala road .Plots at Dhamyal kalyal  are of different size.  This is famous because it connects Chakri to Adiala road.


Samarzar town is a very well known area at Adiala road .Plots at Samarzar town are of different size.


Shehzad town is a very well known area at Adiala road .Plots at Shehzad town are of different size.


Nisar town is a very well known area at Adiala road .Plots at Nisar town are of different size.


Madina town (James Town)  is a very well known area at Adiala road . Plots at Madina town (James Town)  are of different size


Shahpur is a very well known area at Adiala road . Plots at Shahpur are of different size


Radio Colony is a very well known area at Adiala road . Plots at Radio colony are of different size. RDA Approved socity . This socity was launched in 90’s for government emplyees of radio Pakistan.


Dahgal is a very well known area at Adiala road . Plots at Dahgal are of different size.


Gorakhpur is a very well known area at Adiala road . Plots at Gorakhpur are of different size.

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