Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a high-level society with a friendly environment, world-class and luxury living features.

It has an impressive, modern residential and commercial plan approved by CDA, gives you the best opportunity for a good real estate investment here. Capital Smart City is the first smart city in Pakistan and 4th in Asia that will amaze everyone in Pakistan. Now, it is one of the most famous housing societies due to its modern development and unique features. Get a full chance to invest in CSCI Residential and Commercial Properties for a future idealized lifestyle. Capital Smart City Payment Plans are specially designed that are affordable to everyone.

Capital Smart City Islamabad MASTER PLAN

Capital Smart City islamabad is a well-planned community. It is going to be a city itself. The Master plan of Capital Smart City is built on Township Model. In other words, the team behind planning done a marvelous job. Overall, its designed to become chic & high-end community. Moreover, it will cater all the needs of life within its perimeter.

Capital Smart City map is well-distinguished into districts & sub-districts. Likewise, each district is supported with convenient public facilities. Moreover, the district-wise division include:

  • Panda District
  • Aviation District
  • Education District
  • Healthcare District
  • Lake View Terrace
  • Hill View Heights
  • Residential Units

Capital Smart City is providing reasonable options for residence that are particularly laced with most advance & modern facilities. It features a wide range of housing choice based upon the family density including following categories:

  • Plots (5, 7, 10,12 Marlas & 1, 2 Kanals)
  • Farm Houses (5, 10 & 20 Kanals)

Recently, Capital Smart City has launched new residential block named Harmony Park. This block specifically features affordable plots of following size

  • 5 Marla

Commercial Units

The commercial sector is another center of attraction. It is providing absolute outclass facilities for vendors. Presently, all Commercial plots are sold out but in the past have been available in following categories:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

One Capital Residences

Among the natural environment of Khairi Murat Forest, One Capital Residences is a one-stop solution for every need. It has its own whole Master Plan. majorly it offers apartments in following catrgories

Studio Apartment

1 Bed Apartment

2 Bed Apartment

3 Bed Apartment

2 Bed Duplex

3 Bed Duplex

4 Bed Duplex

Smart Villas

Capital Smart City is introducing the concept of “Smart Home” in Pakistan. Taking full advantage of latest technology, it is going to make life easy & comfortable through the construction of these Smart Villas. To be exact, these villas would be a hallmark of advance & state of the art development. The main elements of these Smart Villas include:

  • Smart Switch
  • Temperature & Humidity sensor
  • Automated Smart Door & Windows Lock
  • Carbon-monoxide Sensors
  • Smart CCTV Cameras
  • Smart Mirror
  • Water Leakage sensor
  • Automated Curtain Rail System

These Smart Villas are available in the following categories:

  • Abbey Villas (5 Marla/3 Bedrooms)
  • Strand Villas (5 Marla/4 Bedrooms)
  • Harley Villas (10 Marla/4 Bedrooms)
  • Regent Villas (10 Marla/5 Bedrooms)

Capital Smart City Villas

The Villas is launched with the concept of shared villas in Pakistan.  It is British-style residency . These shared villas are comprised of 3-floors where each floor has separate owner. In other words, each house belongs to 3 different individuals at the same time. However, to maintain the privacy, exclusive entrances are planned for each floor. The Villas are offered in following category

  • 5 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Furthermore, it will come up with the phenomenal international standard roads & infrastructure. The main aspects of infrastructure are of high-standard including 16-Lane main Boulevard, Broad network of well-paved concrete carpeted roads, Speed Checkers, Automated light poles & many more. Most importantly, HRL has already approved the BRT service.

In addition, famous big names are establishing their signature franchise at Capital Smart City including:

  • Move n Pick Hotel & Resorts
  • Harradine Golf
  • Troon Golf
  • Cracknell

Moreover, separate aviation & overseas block will make the residents experience over the edge lifestyle. Other than basic life facilities, it also comes with international standard Golf Club and Adventure Tourism Zone. Also, it will have a Grand Jamiah Mosque as well.

Capital Smart City Islamabad LOCATION

Capital Smart City is located in the neighboring area of New Islamabad & Rawalpindi. It is at 5 minutes drive from New Islamabad International Airport. Furthermore, it will have seamless BRT connection to the airport. Dedicated motorway interchange is already approved. It is happened to be at eastern route of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Capital Smart City Location is believed to be ideal from investment point of view.


Habib Rafiq Limited has developed and built mega projects in Pakistan since last 60 years. It is a very well-known brand in the building industry of the country. FDH comes up with tech savvy idea of Pakistan’s 1st smart city. At the moment, it is focusing on providing luxury living while introducing worthwhile economic contributions as well. Surbana Jurong (SJ) is a consultancy firm originally based in Singapore. It is Master Planner for the Capital Smart City Islamabad.


Capital Smart City NOC has been approved by RDA. Details are available on the RDA website under NOC.

Capital Smart City Payment PLAN

The price plan of Capital Smart City of plots varies according to plot types. 3 year quarterly installment plan is available. 10% Rebate on lump sump amount while 5% Rebate on 50% payment. Rs. 20,000 will be needed to pay at the time of booking as Membership fee.

Capital Smart City Features:

As this society is developed with futuristic development so, it offers its residents a modern and innovative living experience. This will also make them enjoy surpassing facilities. Capital Smart City will be with all the smart features and advanced level technology. It will make you have a smart and lavish lifestyle.

Features of the capital smart city are;

  1. Environmental-friendly surrounding
  2. Green and clean
  3. Advance-level security
  4. Underground electricity plan
  5. Metro bus system
  6. 24/7 gas, electricity, and water
  7. Sports club, hotels, and shopping malls
  8. Internet, smart software for weather, electricity, and traffic
  9. Modern and lavishing housing plan
  10. Overseas block
  11. The infrastructure of world-class development
  12. Recreational activities
  13. Parks, lakes, and mosques
  14. Moven pick resorts and hotels
  15. 18-hole golf course
  16. Quite a nearness to Rawalpindi and Islamabad
  17. Delegated interchange from M-2

Residential Plots

Plot Size Booking 20% Installments x 12 Quarterly Total Price
5 Marla 483,000 160,000 2,415,000
7 Marla 630,000 210,000 3,415,000

Residential Plots

Plot Size Booking 10% Confirmation 10% Installments x 12 Quarterly Total Price
10 Marla 414,000 414,000 276,000 4,140,000
12 Marla 4,57,700 4,57,700 305,000 4,577,000
1 Kanal 621,000 621,000 415,000 6,210,000
2 Kanal 1,219,000 1,219,000 815,000 12,190,000

Commercial Plots

Plot Size Booking 10% Confirmation 10% Installments x 12 Quarterly Total Price
4 Marla 560000 560000 370000 5600000
8 Marla 1120000 1120000 750000 11200000

Farm house

Plot Size Booking 10% Confirmation 10% Installments x 12 Quarterly Total Price
5 Kanal 3000000 3000000 2000000 30000000
10 Kanal 4500000 4500000 3000000 45000000

For Preferred choices: Boulevard (100 above): 15% Extra Main Road (41 to 99): 10% Extra Facing Park: 10% Extra Corner: 10% Extra Two are more sides open: 10% Extra.

Please note there are two types of plot, general & overseas which are determined by their blocks. The video below will help you further understand better. As of now, commercial is completely sold out. Thus,  4 Marla & 8 Marla respectively are only available on resale.


Capital Smart City site is termed as one of the most challenging sites for carrying out developmental work. However, development work at the site is undergoing at a fast pace. Presently, there is an agreement which has been signed between Harradine Golf & FDH for 18 Put Hole Golf Course. Also, FDH has signed another agreement to build Move-n-Pick Hotel & Residency in Capital Smart City. Furthermore, 7 tube wells are currently operational on the site. Concrete carpeting of roads are under progress. Meanwhile, work on construction 300 feet long main boulevard is already started. More than 175 heavy machines are working continuously. In addition, 25 Model Villas in golf course are also being developed.

In a recent event, Executive Block is recently launched at Capital Smart City. It also announced its own educational institutes mainly university.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who is the Owner of Capital Smart?

Actually, capital smart city ownership is an alliance between Habib Rafiq
(Pvt) and future Holding Developments. Both of these are the big names of
Pakistan real estate developers. They are also well known because of their big
project all over the country.

What is a smart city and how is it different
from other cities?

Smart City is an innovative new housing project built with futuristic
technology and advanced development and modern infrastructure. It is different
from other housing societies for its high standards, smart apps, never before
seen facilities, eco-friendly smart environment, and strategic planning.

Why is it called Capital Smart City Islamabad
If it falls under Rawalpindi Development Authority?

The layout plan of Islamabad city is under revision and this society might
be included in the newest plan as it just falls on the border of the current
Islamabad area, hence it is referred to as Capital Smart City Islamabad.

When will the work on interchange start?

The society has gotten approval from FWO for its designated interchange from
M-2 and the construction work will start by 2020.

Is the Capital Smart City a legal society?

Yes, Capital Smart City is 100% legal and secure society to invest in. Its
NOC is approved by RDA and you can verify it from the official website of RDA.

When will the development work start in

The development work has already started in the society, the work on Main
Boulevard is almost completed, the construction of the mosque has also
commenced among other development. For more details kindly read under the
Capital Smart City Development heading in the article above.

When will the society grant possession of the

The possession of the plots in the overseas and executive block is expected
to be granted by the first quarter of 2020 to the investors who will have
cleared their due payments by then.

What unique and smart facilities are this
society going to provide?

The Capital Smart City will be a self-sustainable housing society with
plenty of unique features such as BRT system, Climate control apps, free Wi-Fi
hotspots, traffic control apps, surveillance systems, appliances control apps
and much more.

Is this society good for short term or long
term investment?

Capital Smart City is a society worth investing in, it is a golden
investment opportunity for the long term as well as short term investment plan.


Many features contribute to making a housing project a success but the most
important one is the reputation of the owner and developer. Habib Rafiq is one
of the most trusted names in the Real Estate industry in Pakistan so naturally,
the investors have full confidence in the project. The majority of plots in the
society have already been sold out and are now resold with profit.

The development and the master plan both look extremely promising and will
contribute to making Capital Smart City a very prestigious project. It will be
a unique and complete package for all individuals of society. With all the
upgraded features and facilities there is no doubt that Capital Smart City will
be one of its kind and most successful housing schemes in the region.

With all the advantages and privileges this a society is offering there is
no doubt that it is worth investing in from short to a long-term investment
plan for maximum return on investment.




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